Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Now the albinos are upset about The Da Vinci Code. I read where there have been 68 evil albino characters in movies since 1960. That is a lot since, I suppose, the albino population can't be very large. So maybe they have a point.

I haven't read the book. Nor do I plan to. Not that it offends me or anything, but that I've heard it isn't that well written. I tend to "get going" as someone so delicately puts it (others call it ranting) when I read something that is poorly written but managed to get through the labryinthe of the publishing world and make it to print. But that's a topic for another day.

I really don't get the uproar. It's fiction. I understand that it is fiction based on some centuries old conspiracy theory, but it is still fiction. I can even slightly understand where Christains might not like Jesus being portrayed in a manner that is inconsistant with the teachings of their respective branches.

But weren't we, as a nation, just rolling our eyes and sneering at the Muslims who were rioting over images of Allah? Yeah, I know, it is a far far worse reaction to kill people and burn buildings than to hold press conferences denouncing the book, the movie and everyone associated with it, promoting it or even planning to see it.

It's the same issue though. It's the same egocentric attitude. My religion is right, I am right, you are wrong. It is silly and wrong to be upset about a cartoon image of your (false) God, but it is a horrible thing to make a movie depicting my (true) God in a less than perfect light.

My God's better than your God. Which is what both Christians and Muslims believe. So how do we ever hope to have peace when neither side will allow that others have the right to believe differently?


geofftech said...

And that (to me) is what is totally warped about religion. the "mine is better than yours" attitude, and thus leads to non-peaceful activities, which is a bit stupid as religion is meant to be about healing pain, helping and being at peace with the world, right?

The answer...

You do not need to be religious to be a good person. Or a nice person. Or have manners, or common sense, or the ability to help another human being in need.

ooh, look.. you've got me started, and i only came on here to leave a simple comment!

JanetLee said...

Geoff- it's okay. Note my own admission of the sin of ranting.