Monday, May 15, 2006

When I was on call Saturday night, I spent some time flipping through the TV channels. I stopped when I saw a face I knew I knew, but couldn't place on one of the news channels.

The very pretty woman was talking about post-partum depression and how in her case it almost led to post-partum psychosis. At one point the interviewer said something inaudible (at least to me) and the woman cut her eyes at him. "Tom who?" she said in a tone that could have opened flesh.

Well, now I like this chick. While I was fumbling for the remote to turn up the sound, the woman said, "His mission impossible to is carry a baby and give birth. Then he can have an opinion." (I'm quoting from memory so it may not be exact)

Then it dawned on me. It was Marie Osmond, who now has eight kids, and had an extremely bad time with PPD.

How much of a heinous disgusting man-pig do you have to be to get Marie Osmond that pissed off at you?

But I found a wonderful new respect for her. She's lived it, survived it and made it part of her mission in life to help other woman.

Go Marie!

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