Monday, September 26, 2011

Now, Let's All Hold Hands and Sing Kumbayah

This video of a speech by Elizabeth Warren has been making the rounds.

To Ms. Warren's remarks I would add:

Your factory was designed by architects educated by us all via public education. So it doesn't fall down. The factory was built by laborers and the machines they used were designed and built by those educated by society.

The people in your factory putting together your widgets, the managers pushing your papers around, the secretaries maintaining order, all these people have made your money for you.

Your factory did not stand empty and idle, mysteriously making your millions for you.

The Job Creators are just conveniently overlooking the fact that if it weren't for us, the lowly scum bag, profit sucking middle class, they would have no millions and billions.

Loki sez: So my catnip factory isn't going to magically make catnip appear, fully grown, harvested, dried, packaged and instantly appear on store shelves all by itself? I have to...coughs up hairball....create jobs?????????? But I'll only make a million dollars, not 1.5 million dollars!!!!! This is outrageous! I'm calling Tim Scott.

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