Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Gulf

Some reading for you, my dear friends.

This little comment, that he "only" has $400,000 "left over" from $600,000, tells us much.

Now, I know this has been seized on by left (clueless wealthy person daring to represent those he has no understanding of) and by right (he's creating jobs and contributing to his community with that money).

And I tried to look at it down the middle and glean some true sense of what he was trying to say, to find some common ground, because he does own some Subway stores, so he has created jobs for people.

But to me, his comments smack of a level of clueless that is mostly responsible for the economic conditions we have today.

He most likely did not work his way up from poverty. Most people of his income level came from a similar income level, or just slightly lower. So it is "normal" for him to consider "only" having $400,000 not to be a good thing, sort of like when we "only" have $40 left in the bank after buying food.

He certainly does not care about those below him, other than creating some minimum wage jobs to fund increasing his wealth. You can not say something like that without a great gap in your ability to empathize with others. He can only empathize with those like him - i.e. upper income.

And there we get to the crux of what I think is going on with the millionaires and billionaires of America today:

They don't create jobs because they don't want to. The end.

They are doing just fine.

May I repeat that: They do not want to, nor will they create jobs no matter what we give them because they DO NOT WANT TO!

They are still raking in the money.

Rulers by Divine Right. Lords. Planter Class. Leisure Class. Robber Barons. Industrialists. Job Creators.

New name for an old excuse.

Thor sez: Mmm, little people, taste like elf.

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