Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Two things I'd like to say:

1. Welcome to our new reader from the US House of Representatives! Now, whoever Henry Brown had reading my blog only felt it necessary to check in once a week or so, since I primarily babble about cats and writing here. Y'all are already watching me on Twitter and that's where most of my political slings and arrows are thrown. Don't want you to have to spend any more of your valuable time (and tax payer funded salary)than necessary following the babblings of an old cat lady.

2. I am very excited to start physical therapy this morning. Now that story may change between now and this afternoon. But I am fairly tired of gimping around and look forward to seeing how much function has been restored.

And now, the real reason y'all come here: Kittens!
(Note to our new Government reader. Twosday is celebrated on Tuesday, see how that works? Because I have two cats, on Twosday, I post pictures of them together. How subversive!)

The boyz say: The GOP is watching her again??? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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