Saturday, July 16, 2011


Really, it's Harry Potter Day!!!!!! So, so, so excited. Gonna gimp on out there, crutches and all. Nobody tell me how it ends!

Thor sez: Yeah, we're excited.

Knee recuperation is going well. Enough of the swelling has gone down for me to see the knee cap and TA-DA! It's pointing straight ahead instead of off to the right. How exciting is that?

Loki sez: Let me see!

Working my way through my things to do while out on FMLA. I have outlined both manuscripts. I have written first, rough draft synopses of each, I have sent both out to a very qualified reader and am very excited to get some critical feedback before I begin the final edits of Book One and the second draft of Book Two. I have written a little plot summary (that bit you look on the back of a book to see if it interests you or not) for each. I have sketched out the plot points for Book Three because it is clattering around in my head like something loose in a pressure cooker and I needed to release some steam.

Thor sez: I've counted eleventy-billion "and then"s.

And the most dangerous thing that has happened to me all week: Jason showed me the Keds website where you can not only get old fashioned, regular, normal sneakers, but you can DESIGN your own colors!!! I need someone to come take my debit and credit card away until the urge passes.

Thor sez: Yes, leave them with us. It'll be safe.

Loki sez: What was it again?


Sharon said...

Uh-oh. Ya had to tell me about that Keds site, huh?

Meanwhile, so awesome about all the writing getting done!

Taking deep breath: I, myself, started a short story just a little while ago. I haven't written anything, least of all anything new, in so long I can't remember. And so far it's only an idea, I don't even have a plot yet. But I wrote one page!

Scary stuff, this writing business.

JanetLee said...

Sharon - Yeah! Just getting started is the hardest part. Let me tell you something.

The novel I have completed and have been shopping around? I finished that about 7 years ago.

Seven. Years.

Over that time, I fiddle-farted around with a couple of ideas, a few short stories, an essay or two.

But none of it went anywhere. My Muse was dead. Seriously, I was just figuring I only had that one story in me and that was that.

So this outpouring of creativity comes after a seven year dry spell.

Just keep trying. That's all I can say. Just keep doing something.