Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Like Christmas! Not Really.

I've been waiting all weekend for today. The day I get to take off my mummy wrappings and see what lies beneath. This is what I've been poking and prodding, trying to determine what is wrapping and what is flesh.

My ortho doc is known for his giant dressings, so who knows what can be under this?

Down to the surgical gauze now, not looking that bad.

Awww, he signed it. (Actually he initialed it with me pre-op as part of the safety protocol.)

Hey. That's not so bad. The goose egg on the right is where most of the pain has been since yesterday. Hopefully with the wrappings off, I'll have a little more range of motion and and start working it a little more.

Oh, it's betadine making my skin look so yellow.
Now, on to the really exciting part of the day: I get to take a shower!!!!!!

Loki sez: Please do!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Success. Wishing you speedy recovery. Enjoy the shower.
Auntie Anon

Sharon said...

LOL, Loki!

Doesn't look so bad, no. Hope it feels better fast.