Saturday, July 09, 2011

Saturday Catch Up

Surgery yesterday went fine. I managed to rein in my massive case of grumpiness after my noon surgery was pushed back to one pm due to air conditioning issues at the center that morning. Everyone got pushed back, but the staff was as nice and wonderful as they could be.

It was just the whole hadn't eaten nor drank anything since 10pm the previous night that had me grumping.

But there seems to be far less pain going on that my previous clean up of that knee. But then, contrary to popular opinion, I've actually been a better patient, being a good little girl and icing and elevating and doing my range of motion exercises.

My doc was dodgy on the how long should I expect to be out of work question. He only said that having 6-8 weeks of FLMA planned probably wasn't a bad thing, didn't think I have to be out quite that long, but too soon to tell.

More when I go see him for my follow up appointment in a week because I have absolutely no memory of him coming in to see me after surgery. I don't know what drugs that most wonderful human being of an anesthesiologist gave me to prevent my normal post-op puke-a-thon, but it worked.

And just because they told me not to bathe or shower until Monday, doesn't mean I can't actually bathe or shower. It just means I shouldn't get the dressing wet. A couple of trash bags and some painters tape took care of that. I will admit getting into the tub by myself was bad patient. But I did ask for supervision getting up out of the tub, so that's good patient.

Whining for wine last night was annoying, but good patient. Getting up and just getting a glass after Jason joked that he'd probably wash down the Lortab with a beer, ya know, was semi-bad. I didn't wash down any narcs with it.

My doc is famous for his enormous dressings and I'm curiously waiting for Monday to unwrap it and see what is dressing and what is knee. (Last surgery it was approximately the size of a basketball, BUT, I had no adult supervision and the phenergan they gave me as they wheeled my puking ass out the door (this was NOT at the same place, nor hospital system, just to be clear), knocked me out so bad that I didn't start ice/elevation until almost 36 hours post surgery.)

Wondering about PT now. It'd probably be cheaper to join that gym in the mall Jason goes to ($20/month) than pay for PT. I know how to rehab a knee. ROM, easy weights, steps, cycling.

The boyz say: Yeah, that giant thing on your leg is freaking us out a little.


Sharon said...

Oh, good, sounds all went well. But, I dunno, joining a gym and forgoing an actual physical therapist? Kinda sounds like bad patient to me. But whaddo I know, right?

(Really, if you had the gorgeous Hector as your physical therapist, you'd be going as often as I do, at the slightest twinge. Well, not really, but at least he makes the pain less, well, painful. If that makes sense.)

Wish I could send you flowers, but the boys would probably eat them. Sending virtual ones and lots of virtual ice.

JanetLee said...

Yeah, we'll see how much I owe for the two weeks of PT for my back.

I do have the payroll deduction offer, so I can pay over time if it gets to be too much.

Thanks for the virtual presents!

Anonymous said...

Glad step one is over......try to follow orders and know that each day brings you one day closer to full mobility......
God Bless, Pam, South Bend