Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ten Days Left

According to Family Radio, the world will end on May 21. Actually they say the Christians will be raptured that day.

The rest of us are going to hell.

Or at least that's what they say.

When I was in church, I was taught those left behind would be given a second chance. But then, there are so many interpretations of Revelation, that everyone forgets it was written about Nero, not some phantasmagorical vision of 2011

That is some seriously mind boggling self centeredness to think that the removal of human beings equals the "world" ending. We are only a small part of this planet.

I always get a squishy feeling of fearful pity when I see these things, people quitting jobs, abandoning their families and placing all their hope on a day selected by just another man. I hope they can pick their lives back up without too much hardship.

I've always thought the end of the world stuff was being used as a massive cop out. Why do anything about problem X? The world is going to end soon anyway.

It's a psychological balm. The world seems like such a mess, wouldn't it be nice to just - poof - leave it all behind and all those icky people will die horribly and all the nice people will be lounging around on clouds having mimosas with the big guy.

Way too convenient.

But I'm still not going to do all those stupid boring continuing education mandatories until after the 21st.

Thor sez: wake me when it's over.

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