Monday, May 09, 2011


The SC GOP has named its new leader, some old white dude. And his first order of business? To declare that he is "going to be Obama's worst nightmare."

That's the SCGOP, keeping it classy.

Does anyone else get a mental picture of a bunch of thuggish football player types, all hyped up on their own testosterone, surrounding the kid who did something horrible, like tutor one of the thugs girlfriends, telling him they were "his worst nightmare"?

Come on, people, grow the fuck up. Is that the best you have to offer? Teenage bully threats?

How about focusing on SC's deplorable education system, job loss and lack of medical care? How about working on solutions to our problems instead of just vowing to take out the other guy?

Because you can't, that's why. You have no solutions. You have nothing. NOTHING. That's why you have to make juvenile threats. It's all you have.

And as a resident of the state, I have been to the upstate where this new "leadership" is from. It is the most overtly racist place I have ever been to. In the nation. In the world. So the underlying echo of old klan threats to be a black man's worst nightmare are not lost on me.

Thor sez: A SC politician embarrassing the state? Yawn. Wake me when something different happens.

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Anonymous said...

I too am sick of promises with NO plans......both sides slamming the other side and offering NO solutions....
Pam, South Bend