Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teh Stoopid, It Bernz

I know I shouldn't be doing this because it an exercise in losing faith with the inherent intelligence and goodness of humankind, but there was a letter to the editor in today's Post and Courier.

The author, who I'm sure thought he was being so sharply witty, opined that the people in Egypt could be out protesting because the 1.5 billion dollars in yearly US aid sent to their country would pay for the days off from their jobs.

Um. Uh. Seriously?

The most charitable thought I can come up with is that the letter writer is being disingenuous on purpose just so he can make a snide comment.

Perhaps the people out protesting don't have jobs because the corrupt regime at the top is keeping all the money for themselves?

Just sorta tossing that out there, ya know? I'm just asking, okay?

Perhaps the oligarchs in America should look into this phenomenon.

The boyz say: Just keep the Fancy Feast coming and there will be no feline protests.

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