Friday, November 05, 2010

Oh NOES Mr. McConnell!

The economy is turning around!!! More jobs????

We can NOT let this continue!!

How can you destroy Obama if American people are going back to work???

I demand that you re-ruin the economy and stop letting people go back to work, immediately!!

Didn't your corporate boss....uh, I mean, the *American people*, wink, wink, give you a mandate to do anything it took to destroy Obama?

Fire them! Fire all those people who got jobs! And then have Murdoch or Koch or whoever is paying your bills buy the company that created new jobs and close it down!

Progress? Americans going back to work?

I am counting on the GOP to put an immediate stop to this!!!

Thor sez: I'm counting on you to go get some sleep, you're babbling.


Anonymous said...

Where I live we are still at 12% unemployment.....our food pantries are overwhelmed....our homeless centers have had to expand......just 20 miles away is the RV building capital of the world......they were starting to hire a few folks but when talk of $3+ for a fallen of gas started again....everything froze again..... Our biggest hospital has laid off 60 employees......I guess what some folks say is true....if you have a job it's a recession.....if you don't it's a 40 year old soninlaw lost his job 3 years ago this coming June......he was a manager for Citigroup....they closed their entire processing center here. He is a college grad.....sent out over 300 resumes and made a similar numbered of contacts.....he had 3 interviews......he said I need a career NOT just a job. So he went back to school....became a certified orrthodist and is finally in the last 5 months of his residency.....Now because of the health care reform laws two major employers have said they are not hiring any new people until they see what happens with the new regulations.

JanetLee said...

Anon - I'm sorry for your family's bad times. I hope my tongue in cheek post didn't offend. But I was infuriated that when McConnell just came out and said that the GOP's goal was to defeat the president, not to help the American people, but to defeat the president. Infuriated.

The American economy is a huge, massive ship and anyone who thought that President Obama could have turned it around and have us in good times by now is a fool.

I'm impressed that he was able to slow down the rate of job loss and that we are beginning to see the glimmers of hope on the horizon in less than two years.

The GOP needs to stop seeking personal power and start seeking the best for the American people regardless of what political flavor brings about the help we need so badly.

The American people, like your son-in-law don't have two years to wait while the GOP tries to make everything the president does fail.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ...... No offense taken..... I guess I'm just tired of hearing folks say....if people want to work there are jobs out there......these people are just lazy and want a hand daughter is a special needs teacher and does in home evaluations for seriously challenged children.....she sees first hand (as you do) how poverty effects all aspects of struggling families......I think many of our elected officials spend more time figuring out how they will get re-elected than really trying to find solutions for our country.that's why I think many of these offices should be 6 years terms. Right now they spend 2-3 years running......get elected....spend the first 18 months deciding where the squeakiest wheel is....and by then it's time to run again!!
Sorry anoint the rant!!!!! You always make me think!!!
God Bless