Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And So Ends No Shave November

I have been participating in No Shave November, a movement to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Generally it is for men, but women have been participating.

Now, I must confess that I did limit my participation to legs only.

It's been a wonderful month of much shorter shower times. But I don't have nice downy soft blond lady leg hair, you could put my leg up against Grizzly Adams' and probably not be able to pick who was who.

I've developed a morbid sort of curiosity now. How long will it grow?????

Loki sez: I've still got the hairiest legs in the house though, right?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for promoting prostate cancer awareness....my husband had prostate cancer.
I could go without shaving my legs.....but the two hairs on my chinny chin chin have to go!!! Pam, South Bend

Sharon said...

Janet, just wait till after menopause. You'll be lucky to have hair on your head (other than, yes, your chin), much less anywhere else.