Monday, November 08, 2010

Mish Mosh Monday

I forgot Loki Sunday yesterday, I'm such a bad cat blogging mommy.

Loki sez: It's okay. If I got my own plate of fancy Fancy Feast maybe I'd feel better.

This is what Jason was doing Saturday night while I stayed home and did laundry.

Um, he is the one who is not the drag queen!

I got a notification from a genealogy site that I forgot I'd even signed up for on a response to a post I put there. I think I found a long lost cousin!

I want to do a travel nurse assignment in Great Britain - England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland - before we relocate within the USA (unless we stay in GB) but I cant' figure out how to get the boyz across the pond. I refuse to put them in cargo and England doesn't allow cats as carry-on on international flights. Will have to look into passenger ships (not cruise ships) next, do they still exist?

After a long, hot summer, kitten snuggle weather is here!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Justin can take you on his ship. I don't even know if they take passengers.

JanetLee said...

Auntie D - that is one thing that I've heard, that some merchant ships may have a room or two for no frills travel. It'd probably be best to find a foster home then ship them if we will stay longer than the initial 13 week assignment. But then, I can't imagine being without them that long!

Sharon said...

Have you asked the Boys about this? They could get seasick! And they'd be cooped up for however long the voyage took!

There is a pets-only airline, but I don't know if they do international flights.

Sharon said...

Just ran across this site:

Pat said...

You are coming back, right?