Friday, July 31, 2009

Rut-roh Reorge!

Yesterday some random dude came and spray painted lines in my yard. Orange ones. He was gone before I could ask him what they were marking.

This morning, three large trucks have shown up with telephone poles and work like equipment. Something that looks suspiciously like a borer.

And I don't think they have sliencers on those bad boys.

I've had a massive attack of stupid and am supposed to sleep today so I can participate in my fourth tweleve hour night shift in a row tonight.

Prince Ambien! Lord Reisling! Please come to my aid!

The boyz say: Don't waorry momma, we've gotcha covered. Unless it a FedEx or UPS truck, then we'll be under the bed growling at each other.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seeing those two buddies almost...almost makes me want to get a friend for our Sullivan....but since we introduced a rescued yellow lab in March (Carlie)she's not very interested in making new friends.
Pam, South Bend