Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jan-trum Addendum

(or why I should edit more)

Not that I retract anything I posted yesterday, but that I just didn't emphasize something.

Yes, I came out of an financially impoverished background. Yes, I was a member of the working poor for a long time. Yes I made the climb up to at least the lower rungs of middle class.

And no, I don't think that I did anything that most people like me couldn't do. You just have to want to and have to do it.

However. I had several things "going" for me.

1. I had no mental health issues
2. I had no drug/alcohol dependence issues.
3. I had not been physically abused or neglected or malnourished in the critical brain development stage of birth to 24 months.
4. I had a high school education to start with.
5. I could read on a college level before I reached high school.

Some people don't start with all those skills. They need extra help.

That's all.

Thor sez: Like Loki? Needs extra help, right?

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Chris M said...

But like you said... they have to want to do it. Many of the things you listed they could overcome if they wanted to do so, and then there are those that aren't so easily mitigated.