Friday, July 24, 2009

Double Trouble

I can't even begin to describe the sense of joy and wonder I still feel when I glance out the kitchen window and see the deer and her baby in the yard. And then when the second fawn came trotting out of the marsh to join them - magic.


Mike said...

I miss the deer. I haven't seen any in my yard since the developers ripped out most of the trees on the other side of the fairway.

Pat said...

You are so lucky! Do you feed them?

JanetLee said...

Pat - I put down 'critter feed' (a combo of corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds) to try to keep the squirrels out of the bird feed and the raccoons out of the trash can. That is what the deer come to munch on. And they like the honeysuckle vine that grows on the fence.

Mike - perhaps they moved across the railroad tracks to my neck of the woods because I have been in this house a little over 5 years and have only seen deer in the last two.