Sunday, January 17, 2010

Special Loki Sunday

We have all been watching the coverage from Haiti and are probably feeling pretty helpless. Giving is the best most of us can do to help, but who to give to?

I am personally giving to Charleston Water Missions.

The hospital where I work has partnered with Charleston Water Missions to provide clean water for a hospital in Kenya and has donated $15,000 to the Haiti relief.

This is a local non-profit organization that makes and installs low cost, low maintenance water treatment systems that in the words of Joan Perry, who documented the installation of the Kenyan hospital system "can turn mud into pure, clean water."

This is an awesome charity that provides a service that the people of Haiti can use long term.

Please consider them when deciding where to give. Details for how to give in the link above. Thank you!

Loki sez: For every dollar you donate, I'll do one sit up!

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Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

I'll drink to that! Water, of course :)