Thursday, January 12, 2012

Go Get 'em, Mitt!

Mitt Romney is airing a commercial in SC saying that he will judge every federal spending program by this criteria:

"Is is worth borrowing money from China to pay for?"


I'm sure Wells Fargo, BP and other corporations who raked in record profits over the past few years AND received about $125 BILLION in tax payer money on top of that profit are shaking in their boots now!

Right Mitt? Corporations that make huge profits, we don't need to borrow money from China to give them anymore, right?

Mitt? Mitt? Hello! Over here! Mitt, I'm trying to ask you a question.

Average federal tax money spent on "traditional" welfare programs: 59 Billion.
Average federal tax money spent of "corporate" welfare programs: 125 Billion.

To paraphrase Ghostbusters, "Who you gonna cut?"

Mitt? Yes or no? Are your corporate sponsors on that China criteria or not?

Yes or no.

Thor sez: Even I can answer a yes or no question, Mitt.


Andra Watkins said...

It is depressing that these people even have a platform.

Anonymous said...

All of these folks- both sides fill their venues with people that agree with them- never getting any real questions from real's no wonder when they get elected they are so isolated they have no idea what it takes to live in the real world.
Pam, South Bend

Sharon said...

Don't you wish Steve Colbert was actually on the ballot there?