Monday, September 27, 2010

And the Spinning Begins....

Except, of course, each side is spinning in a different direction so perhaps we won't all go flinging out into space.

Jon Stewart has called for a Rally to Restore Sanity.

Here is why it is desperately needed: Fox anchors discussing whether or not as an "entertainer", Mr. Stewart was getting too involved in politics.

Um. Glen Beck? Fox? They didn't know their chief entertainer was out dabbling in politics?


The right is already scooping up bags of feces for hurling. "Inciting the youth" (the right's biggest fear).

They say it will be nothing more than a bunch of partying college kids, drunk and/or high looking to get laid.

They say all those liberal global warming elitist environmentalists are just going to leave a big huge mess on the National Mall.

The left is ignoring it as hard as they can.

Here is the thing. I think they are in for a surprise. Will the rally be youthful? Yes. But I've been peeking in on their facebook page (160,000+ already saying they will attend) and there is a wide age range. College kids, young adults, middle age people bringing their kids, older people. One woman wrote asking about handicap access because her 84 year old mother wanted to attend.

If this was only the hard core Stewart/Colbert fans, it wouldn't be this large. They have touched on a nerve. They have given we the people who have become completely disgusted with political discourse an option other than turning off our televisions.

There are far, far more of us who want people to STFU with the hyperbole and the meaningless phrases being thrown about without an ounce of thought behind them.

We want our politicians to stop doing nothing but waiting for an opportunity to say something nasty about the "other side" so their base will hear them and think something is being done.


We want our media to spend time investigating and reporting on issues, not telling us about Lindsay Lohan going to jail or who the new judges on American Idol will be.

America is falling further and further behind the rest of the world in education, in health care, in livability, the gap between rich and poor is growing horribly wide and the middle class is barely hanging on. We are stagnant in our manufacturing and completely dropping the ball on developing new technology in energy.

We need to stop listening to the vocal fringe on either side and start holding our leaders accountable for NOT working together. When a candidate brags that one of their goals is to fight against the other side, that candidate should never make it to the primaries.

I'll be at the rally. I think it is one of the most important mass statements our country will make at this juncture in our history. I'm also composing an email to send to all my representatives, telling them why I am attending this rally and what behavior I expect from them in the future.

Thor sez: You say it's a rally for everyone, but I can't go.

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