Friday, April 09, 2010

Nurses Making a Real Difference!

I've spoken of the Nurse-Family Partnership program before. I am so happy to see it is taking off here in the lowcountry! Congrats and THANK YOU to all those who are involved in this.

This is exactly the sort of intimate, long term, early intervention advocacy that we so desperately need to start making a real difference in the lives of our children. A nurse stays with a young mother/family from prenatal until two years of age.

The stats on the successes of the Nurse-Family Partnership Program have been documented for over 30 years. Every dollar spent on this program saves five dollars in social costs down the road.

Plus, we have young mothers and fathers finishing school, getting jobs, not abusing drugs or alcohol, not getting into trouble with the law, not neglecting and abusing their babies.

And we have babies who receive what they need: emotionally, socially, physically and nutritionally for that most CRITICAL span of brain development - birth to age two. They will enter school ready and able to learn, with parents who know how to help them succeed.

This is great news for the area!

Thor sez: Are we coming out of the dark ages?

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