Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh. My. God.

The stork is virtually hemorrhaging babies.

Two words people: Birth. Control.

A few more words: Go. To. East. Cooper. Hospital.

After I left the hospital this morning (actually I ran, screaming down the hall and peeled out of the parking lot at about 90 mph), after I stopped by the grocery store because those spoiled rotten furbags who get to live here in the lap of feline luxury have decided that anything less than Friskies SHREDDED canned cat food is flat out kitten abuse and they have assured me that they have the SPCA’s number on speed dial, after I walked through a giant spider web going out to the creek (the spider web was giant, not the spider or I’d probably be rolling around the yard, screaming and hyperventilating) after all that, I made a couple neat discoveries.

The passion vine that Jason planted is loaded with flower buds.
My pepper plant has flowers on it.
Two sunflower plants have survived the squirrel and bunny hit squad.
The basil plant is flowering and I think it said, “Feed me.” when I walked by it.

And Thor did not run into the pantry and hide when I left the door open for half a second. I think my ADD kitty is growing up.

And I ate an entire plate of nachos with hot salsa and chopped up avocado for “breakfast”. Just wanted to let you day time normals know what we night shifters do when you are on your way to work.


Anonymous said...

But, WE are the "Best Place to have a Baby." Word's out, eh.

Uncle Zoloft said...

Photos of one of your more recent clients. thank you for any hand you may have had in bringing him into our family.


> Side Note: Only go to East Cooper to have a baby. I have a personal story that will make your skin crawl.

JanetLee said...

Joan- yes we are the best. We just need more room.

Uncle Z- what a cutie! Congrats.

Uncle Zoloft said...

We just love him! and I'm sure there will be more pictures on our blog!